Cloud Accounting

Cloud accounting or cloud-based accounting helps businesses with the data storage in a digital format (the cloud) instead of maintaining a physical system to manage financial data. Our tally system on cloud is the unique solution for our clients to support faster, cleaner and instant communication.

Cloud accounting basically shifts the traditional accounting activities in a cloud-like server where all the information can be accessed 24/7 anytime and any day with the use of the internet. SaaS (software as a service) is one of the accounting software that work with the cloud.

Cloud accounting is also known as online accounting or web-based accounting. Earlier, accounting was traditional and done manually, but with the gaining popularity of cloud accounting, companies are shifting to digital storage of data which is made possible by cloud accounting.

How We Work: Step-by-step Workflow

1. Call for Demo
You will receive a call for a demo within 24 working hours once you place the request on our website.

2. Select a Plan
We have two optimized packages to offer. Once you purchase a plan, we will assign you one executive and one expert. We also excel in giving customized accounting solutions as per the client’s needs.

3. Call with an Expert within 24 Hours
An expert will call you within 24 working hours to understand the details such as business demands, plans, time lines, deadlines for delivery etc., and accordingly suggest the solutions. The entire process is quick and designed to gain an in depth understanding of your requirements. At this juncture we also freeze the timelines for the assignment. All data requirements are also discussed. This step lays down the foundation for an efficient processing of the assignment. 

4. Access to Online Tally Dashboard 
You will receive login credentials of your account. From your dashboard, you can track the progress at any stage at any given time through Tally software. This is how online Tally access work:
  • You can see the checklist of data needed and upload accordingly, track the schedule of delivery, all the queries (if posted via the dashboard) as well as the final results. 
  • You can drill down to any specific transaction, avail an online updated status 24/7, pull out more reports like debtors, creditors, cash flow etc. as per need etc. We can also customize the Tally on your mobile phone so that you get the latest updates on the go.
  • Any update will trigger an instant notification to both of us. The beauty of this facility is that we get to avoid tons of back and forth email communication resulting in a speedy and timely delivery. 

5. Checklist of Documents
We will upload the checklist of required documents in your account for which, again, you will be notified instantly and automatically. Once again, an executive and expert are always with you. 

6. Wait for the Results
Once you have uploaded all the documents, it’s time for you to relax with a fresh cup of coffee while we work on the outcomes of your desire. We have proven expertise in providing our clients with a pleasant working alliance. If you have any query/question/doubt at any stage, we are just a call or message away. 

Benefits of Cloud Accounting

Better security, regular backups, ease of access, cost friendly and scalability are some of

the benefits that cloud accounting has to offer. Let us offer you some more:

  1. Accessibility: Cloud accounting benefits your business by having access to the entire database 24/7, at any location and at any given time. You can simply log in to your account from the browser of your desktop or mobile app, and access the financial records. 
  2. Security: Cloud-based accounting comes with a more solid security structure than traditional accounting. The data is secured over a cloud providing much more security than data in your office.
  3. Collaboration: It is often a mind-numbing task to decide which software is best to use when multiple people are collaborating. If the business has a presence in more than one city and/or country, then how can concerned people come together effectively and contribute? With cloud accounting software, the task of collaboration becomes much easier and feasible. You will not ever be needed to keep sending backups to the head office neither to the auditors, consultants and employees. You can provide restricted access to the people concerned, and everyone can come together for a more effective and real-time collaboration. 
  4. Cost efficient: Cloud accounting is very much cost-friendly. Once you employ the services of the cloud software, you can say goodbye to server set-ups, hardware costs, IT team, infrastructure etc. 
  5. Time efficient: Cloud accounting software also saves a ton of your time by having multiple tasks automated. For example, you can automate the employees’ salaries as well as the invoices of every transaction. Because of the enormous benefit of the automation facility, the businesses end up saving a lot of time.
  6. Scalability: One of the biggest benefits of cloud-based accounting software is the scalability. You can customize the software solutions as per your needs and run the business more efficiently. 
  7. No installation: Switching to cloud-based accounting software solutions does not require you to install a specific software/app separately on each desktop. You can access the database whenever you want just by opening the browser and logging in to your account. 
  8. Real-time cloud accounting: Real-time accounting is the real deal-breaker benefit that gets the businesses very much interested in shifting to cloud accounting. You no longer wait for someone else to send you the report or data. You can access it yourself anytime, anywhere with no hassle and waiting period involved.
  9. Speed and efficiency: Cloud-based accounting solutions naturally come with speed and efficiency, but this isn’t the case with every accounting system. With Maxigain Capital, you get the promise of speed and efficiency, so that your tasks get done timely and in real-time with high quality solutions. Gone are the days when you had to ask others to provide you the data and records. Say hello to the cloud world where you get everyone on-board and meet your deadlines and needs effectively. Contact us today to fulfill your cloud-based accounting services needs with the best minds in the industry
  10. Brings everyone together: When everyone has access to a storage space on a cloud – employees, clients, administration, dealers – (literally everyone!)  then they can work together bringing a holistic and wholesome approach to the work. When everyone is together, the list of concerns, ideas and feedback get handled on-spot. 

Cloud Accounting v/s Traditional In-house Accounting

Let’s get the definitions sorted out first.

Cloud accounting is a cloud-based storage server which can be accessed 24/7 by anyone and any time whereas traditional in-house accounting is the software accounting solution installed in each desktop/laptop at work.

Cloud Accounting

Traditional In-house Accounting

No specific installation required

Needs specific software installation on each on-premises computer

More flexible

Less flexible

Accounting data can be accessed anytime anywhere with the use of internet

Accounting data can be accessed with only on-premises computers

Real-time financial reporting

Needs manual intervention

Automation of updates and financial information

Needs manual intervention

Automated and accurate account balance

Manual data entry

Fewer errors

More prone to errors

Cost efficient

Expensive due to high cost of in house team.

Requires less maintenance

Requires regular maintenance

Automatic back-ups

Data vulnerable to loss and damage

Higher security

More prone to risks

Very scalable

Scalability is expensive and may be difficult

5 Reasons Your Company Must Utilize Cloud Accounting

With more and more businesses opting for cloud accounting, it is clear that the cloud server has a lot of potential. To avoid errors and practice healthy financial regimes, here are a few reasons why your company should also join the list of cloud-loving-businesses:

  1. Economic and easy operation: Cloud accounting is cheaper to use and easy to operate.  With on-premises alternatives, you have to buy the hardware and VPN software (or any other middleware, if need be) along with worrying about keeping the records maintained and updated. With cloud-based accounting, you get to avoid all of it.
  2. Fixed cost: SaaS, for example, is a cloud-based accounting software which comes with a bunch of features at a set cost. So, if your company is using this software, you will know the cost ahead of time.
  3. Selection and Customization: Cloud-based accounting software typically comes with pre-set pricing or packages. All you have to do is browse and select. You can also customize it as per your business’ needs.
  4. Real-time Data: Cloud based accounting systems are accessible 24/7, 365 days a year. Everyone in the company can get the required information at any point of time. Everyone in the company can get access to these and much more information. Cloud-based solutions are available for every imaginable operation and they can work as the foundation for your business on the cloud.
  5. Enhance business growth: Entire data on cloud is stored on a remote server which makes it more safe and secure. Also, the data is backed up constantly. So, if by the stroke of a tragedy, one business center goes through the loss of data, the other center can still run smoothly. This promises substantial and uninterrupted business growth.

How Cloud Accounting Works

Business owners and bookkeepers are now taking help from the apps that use cloud accounting. It helps them to waive off hours of hard work on a regular basis just with a little training. Here are a few features of cloud accounting that will make you fall in love with it:

1. Real-time inventory management:
Let’s face it – the more inventory you have, the bigger the challenge it becomes to manage it. With cloud accounting, you can not only manage your inventory, but can also stay updated on the remaining stock. Using online accounting and inventory management solutions, you have the flexibility to compare the availability of stocks and orders versus how much more you have to purchase. You can even transfer the entire inventory from one location to another just by one click of the mouse and – guess what? - from anywhere!

2. Automatic reports and automation:
Want to get notified when the bookkeeper or an employee has made a transaction? Do you want regular reports on profits? Do you want specific financial reports and information sent to you, rather you request for them? Cloud accounting helps you with generating such reports and notifications automatically. You do not have to take actions manually each time you want to check your balance sheet. Automate the report and it will come to you at the exact time and date you have specified.

3. Anywhere access:
With cloud accounting, companies do not need to install physical storage on each desktop. Employees can access all the information on the cloud server just by a click. Cloud-based accounting apps help you get access to data from anywhere and anytime. The software serves with real tools and reports which are extremely useful for every business.

4. Daily automated online back ups:
A little surge in the power or a tragic failure in the hardware can easily lead you to lose all the data. With cloud accounting, you do not have to worry about it at all! Cloud accounting software runs daily backups in the background using an encrypted connection. It keeps your data safe and protected. Businesses may not focus on this specific feature of cloud accounting, but if you ever run into a sob-story of losing data, this can save your day like nothing else.

Why Maxigain Capital for Your Cloud Accounting Solutions?

  • Clean and instant communication through Tally software: We use Tally software to make the process simpler, easier and quicker. You can simply login to your account on our website and observe the progress of our work. You can also observe and upload the list of documents, zoom in on a specific transaction, retrieve detailed reports on creditors, debtors etc. and much more. Through online Tally access to your dashboard, the communication is clean and instant.
  • Instant and automated notifications: Notifications on any update are instant and automated. You no longer have to go through the painful process of tons of email communications.
  • Affordable and dependable: Our accounting solutions are customizable, cost-friendly and dependable. We understand how money works. That is why we make it work for you!
  • Proven results: We have a database of happy and satisfied clients. As much as we believe in initiating a new alliance, we also believe in maintaining the existing ones. Our team of experts and executives are always a call or message away to solve all your queries/dilemmas.
  • Constant backup: Once you hire us, we handhold you throughout the entire process until you get the desired results. Whether it is taking a business loan, filing ITR or developing customized cloud accounting solutions, you have 24/7 backup of our team of experts and executives.
  • Avoid last-minute rush: Last-minute rushes are the worst, but that is not something to worry about when you are hiring Maxigain Capital! We take pride in our due diligence, and ensure on-time deliveries, real-time information, economic solutions to own and operate along with designing the top-notch data security. What’s more? We save you the last-minutes so that you can focus on other business essentials.


  1. App: Apps or applications are third-party solutions integrated with your cloud accounting portal. They perform various business activities such as automating payments, generating cash flow forecast, managing inventory etc.
  2. App Stack: A suite of systematically selected apps for your business
  3. Bank feed: The direct integration of your internet banking with the cloud accounting portal that allows you an easy access to the banking data
  4. Cloud reporting: Real-time reporting and business intelligence provided by dashboard and reporting apps
  5. Cloud server: The online computer server with all your financial data. It is off-site, and secured by an external specialist company. 
  6. Debtor tracking: The process of keeping track of unpaid invoices (something that can be automated with specific apps)
Cloud Accounting

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Cloud-based or web-based accounting is very much safe. They are safer than on-premises systems. 

Leading providers of cloud accounting software maintain a back-up of your data on remote servers on multiple locations. In case of disaster such as fire or an earthquake, you may lose your office furniture and desktops but your data continues to stay safe and sound on the cloud. 

The cloud comes with multiple layers of security. For example, you can set a two-factor authentication.

Top vendors are inclined to keep your data safe. Hence, they lace the cloud with robust security protocols that match the rigid guidelines of cybersecurity.

Cloud accounting is popular with companies and industries of all shapes and sizes. People are benefitting from web-based accounting software and using it in place of traditional in-house accounting systems. 

Cloud accounting can be used and accessed from any computer using the internet. The software helps businesses stay in touch with the entire database in one click. Cloud-based accounting software are scalable, time and cost efficient, easy to use and operate, and economical to own.

We have the competitive edge in the market with our unique and specialized Tally software. Once you get a call from our expert, you will get the login credentials of your own account on our website. Dashboard gives you an instant access to multiple tasks at your fingertips such as:

  • Observation of checklist of data needed and uploaded, tracking the schedules and timely deliveries, all other queries (if posted via the dashboard) as well as the final results. 
  • Zoom in on any specific transaction, avail an online updated status 24/7, clear insights on reports like debtors, creditors, cash flow etc. etc. 
  • An instant and automated notification will be sent to both of us in case of slightest and any update.

We can also customize the Tally on your mobile phone so that you get the latest updates on the go. Get in touch today to sort out your tomorrow!

When you choose the cloud for your accounting services, it stores the data on a remote server. It spreads the data on multiple servers across different locations instead of storing it on a single hard drive of your computer. 

If you have been using traditional accounting software for business, then familiarity might be the reason you are still sticking to it, but it’s high time you learn the limitations and challenges that come with such accounting software solutions:

  • Costly upgrades: are one of the reasons businesses get frustrated with. The upgrades are expensive and as they bring in new features, the team also needs fresh training to get used to the new features. This disrupts the existing work processes and leads to inefficiency for some time needed for in-house accounting.
  • Lack of security: is one of the limitations of traditional accounting software. This makes the data vulnerable and prone to breach of access.
  • Limited access: is one of the fundamental features of the traditional accounting software which also makes up for a setback. You need to be in the company’s network or login to VPN access to be able to get the database. Purchasing VPN software and similar is another costly agenda making traditional accounting software notorious to use.
Pricing Plans For Cloud Acounting Services

Chose a comprehensive cloud accounting solutions that takes care of your business accounting with ease ans security of your information.


  • 0-100 transactions/m
  • Gst filing (monthly/quarterly)
  • software remote access will be given
  • 24x7 access


  • 100 - 300 transactions/m
  • Gst filing (monthly/quarterly)
  • Software remote access will be given
  • 24x7 access

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