Acquisition Advisory Services

Acquisition advisory firms are companies which provide expert guidance and assistance to those companies who are either: buying a company  selling a company, or  undertaking restructuring of those companies

Benefits of Acquisition Advisory Firms

  • Acquisition advisory firms play a crucial role for the companies as their personal financial advisors.  
  • They care of the financial transactions of the company with their expertise and knowledge
  • The process of selling and restructuring becomes easy and quick
  • Take the company up the ladder of success
  • Work as Business Coach with customized solutions for the clients 
  • Support with quicker turnaround 
  • Helps in negotiating better price for the company 

Why Maxigain Capital for Your Acquisition Advisory Services?

  • Due Diligence of Target

A DD report acts as an independent review of credentials of the company to be acquired. We specialize in performing business-oriented analysis of all sizes of targets in different market sectors and geographies and provide in-depth legal, financial, technical and tax diligence services.

  • Resolution Plan

Resolution Plan is a mandatory document required by the prospective Resolution Applicants, who aspire to bid for the Corporate Debtor. It needs to be in according with Section 30(2) of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code. Also, it is required to provide for measures for insolvency resolution of Corporate Debtor, besides having all the mandatory contents of the Resolution Plan in terms of the CIRP Regulations. A well-designed Resolution Plan is crucial to take care of the nuances and ensure that it is eligible for consideration by the Committee of Creditors. Our team has experience in preparing Resolution plans for numerous Corporate Debtors. Our in-house team works with our network of legal firms and Insolvency Professionals prepare not only the best plan but also to comply with all legal and statutory regulations. They would provide most practical and legal view of business undertaking and Ensure fair value creation for all stake holders like the lenders, operational creditors etc. We will also present the resolution plan to the lenders for their approval and engage in discussions and negotiations with them to obtain approval.

  • Fund Raising for Target Acquisition

Leveraging our network and arranging equity and debt funds for resolution plan, special situation funds, bringing new set of investors / lenders. During all phases of the transaction and duration of the financing you have an experienced team at your side, also thinking about future capital financing needs, e.g. working capital and planned investments, etc.

Acquisition Advisory Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Acquisition advisory firms are companies which provide expert guidance and assistance to those companies who are either buying, selling, or undertaking the restructuring of their companies.

Acquisition advisory firms behave as your personal financial advisors guiding you and your company at every step with their expertise and knowledge. 

  • Due Diligence of Target
  • Resolution Plan
  • Fund Raising for Target Acquisition

As your acquisition advisory firm, we can offer you:
  • specialized personal financial counsels
  • complete care of any and all financial transactions of the company with our expertise and knowledge
  • easy, hassle-free and painless process of selling and restructuring 
  • quicker turnaround
  • customized solutions as per your needs
  • 24/7 support with a team of experts 
  • negotiating services to obtain better price for the company