Structured Finance

Businesses have all kinds of needs. Managing finances and transactions are one of the complex ones.

Structured finance generally involves complex and tailor-made solutions to the proper structuring of your finances. Such finance solutions are helpful in solving those concerns which cannot be catered by traditional financing solutions such as bank finance, private equity etc.

Maxigain Capital organizes structured finance solutions from the leading players in India. We offer a suite of services designed and vaulted to protect your needs. We works with specialized structured finance companies and securitization desks at leading investment banks and institutional investors globally.

Why Maxigain Capital for Your Structured Financing Needs?

Maxigain Capital offers bespoke structured credit products to highly-valued entrepreneurs and businesses designed to meet their requirements and goals.

Our products are sophistically tailored around untapped cash flows and security, possess the quality of both, debt and equity. Our experienced and dedicated structured finance professionals pride themselves in providing optimal financing solutions for diverse requirements such as sponsor financing, recapitalization, growth financing, asset financing, acquisition financing and bridge financing. The team is also skilled in spotting companies that are at an inflection point.

We deal with AIFs who support corporates with credit solutions. The network of our lenders is sectors agnostic. These funds focus on performing credit space. They provide structured credit solutions to mid market Indian companies across all sectors.

Structured Finance

Frequently Asked Questions

Structured finance is a facility that helps companies understand complex financing needs that cannot be met by conventional financing. Collateralized debt obligations (CDOs), synthetic financial instruments, collateralized bond obligations (CBOs) and syndicated loans are a few examples of structured finance types.

It is important to note that traditional lenders do not offer structured financing.

Structured financing and securitization are increasingly being used by governments, corporations, financial intermediaries for below purposes:

  • Better risk management
  • Develop financial markets 
  • Almost always non-transferable 
  • Expand business reach 
  • Design new funding tools for advancing, evolving and complicated emerging markets 
  • Transforms cash flows
  • Reshapes the liquidity of financial portfolios

Examples of Structured Finance

  • CDOs
  • CBOs
  • Collateralized mortgage obligations (CMOs)
  • Credit default swaps (CDSs)
  • Hybrid securities
  • Combining elements of debt and equity securities